5′ 4″ Chickering Grand #41

Case finished
Case finished

This piano is in from a fellow piano re-builder. He has asked us to handle the cabinet work. His customer is very excited to get this piano back because it is a family heirloom.  Upon getting into the restoration of this piano I noticed some veneer issues.  So I called the rebuilder and discussed the situation with him and we decided to go with an open pore finish.  An open pore finish leaves the pores of the grain exposed and will help to hide the stressed veneer that could be an issue if this piano was finished in a closed pore finish.  The cabinet is now finished and I will begin the parts soon.

One thought

  1. Good Morning Robert, I’ve enjoyed your videos on YouTube which are informative and I have learned by carefully listening to you. I go to church also and I am learning to play piano and organ. I have the 100th Anniversary Chickering Grand Piano 1923 which I hope to restore and with your intuitive inside I will do just that. It was a player paino but it has since been removed. As the techs that worked on them.. All to say keep up the great videos on your cell phone. Lol… your blessing to me.. and others doing the same.. Oh by the way.. I also have a 1876 or 7 STEINWAY square grand… it needs some work also.. but I’m up to the challenge.. God Bless and Tweet On!

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