Gulbransen #126

I picked this piano up from an Atlanta area customer earlier this year. It is a family heirloom. If you look back at one of the other projects on the site called Greenie Weenie you will see that these pianos are identical.  When finished this piano will be going to a new location.  A special place is picked out for it.  Follow along and see a wonderful transformation on this Gulbransen Player Piano!






Some of the sharps are going to need care on this project. Even though the naturals are not in the best of shape they have a lot of sentimental value to the family. I will be saving these and give them to the family when delivered.


What could this be? Therr were two of these hanging inside the piano. Beatriz found them during disassembly.



She also found 2 coins. One from 1951 and one from 1920. Have found some older. Lets take this moment to do a poll. Will the owner let me keep them? ; – )



Found two more of these burlap bags today. I think that’s it for hiding places. We have the piano completely apart and stripped.

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