Baldwin SF-10 #148 (Sanding)

I am now underway sanding the parts since they have dried overnight from stripping.  The differences are dramatic between an unsanded piece and one that has been sanded.



On leg #2 I found a joint separation. This is not all that unusual on legs. The reason this is not seen more is because most legs are veneered over the solid wood base. Since this piano is a “black only” piano Baldwin choose not to veneer over the tight grained wood that these legs are made with.



As you can see I’ve got this leg sanded. I’ve also filled the dents as well as I’ve taped out the area that I will be gluing. I will be using West System glue.

image Cheekblocks and pedal lyre bottom after sanding

image Music rack slides and propstick

image Log and keyslip with keyslip in foreground

image Main piece of music rack

image Legs and pedal lyre






I decided to take these last 3 pictures after I started sanding the case. I figured it would be a good idea to get a before and after of this step on the case.

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