7’8″ Knabe Grand #149-Atlanta, Georgia


This piano is from a fellow rebuilder. He has disassembled the piano, as you can see, and has it ready for me to begin my magic. The piano will be going back ebony in a satin luster. This really is a beautiful piano and I can’t wait to see how it’s going to turn out!





2 thoughts

  1. HI i watched your piano polyester spray on youtube and i liked it.Please tell me the tip size of your spray gun and how many PSI (air compressor regulation) do you use ? Thank you

    1. Hi Amarzaya

      Although I have used polyester on pianos in the past the type paint used in that video is lacquer. I use lacquer almost 100% of the time.

      As far as the equipment I use for spraying…. I have 2 HVLP sprayers. One sprays heavy which I use for sealers and the other sprays fine which I use for topcoat. I spray primarily on feel and that is around 20-30 psi.

      Hope that helps!

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