Wurlitzer Spinet

Picked this piano up a little while ago in southern Georgia. It is a family heirloom that the owner wishes to make satin ebony. While I’m doing the cabinet work I will also replace the keytops.

Spinets take me more time to mask off because I don’t remove the action to save from having to make extra adjustments.

Found a split in the treble side foot. Opened the crack and shimmed it with a piece of shimming material.

Ebony was a good call by the customer, a natural finish would have shown the white paint that was under the red in the grain.

Got the sealer coat down. Now time to dry then 2nd sanding.

Love this part of the restoration, putting on the nameboard decal on, it always means its not far to go until we can see this piano altogether again.

The hardware had a very very light coat of brass plating which some came off during buffing.

Hardware finished and now assembly has begun.

All finished and ready to deliver!


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