Grand Spinet Refinish

Another family heirloom piano that will get rejuvenated during this project. This is a 1968 Grand Spinet piano. Teardown starts right away.

Got it disassembled now time to mask off.

All taped out. Tomorrow I will remove all of the original finish, find loose veneer, repair, then sand and smooth out any imperfections.

Found only 2 places on the case that had loose veneer. That’s pretty good. Going to add in new veneer then move on to smoothing out the rest of the case.

Below is a quick video of me spraying some ebony on the piano. This is the first coat of ebony. Next will be around 6 coats of sealer followed by more ebony then satin clear.

Piano is all finished. Just need to put back together.

Reassembly is underway.

One piece down many more to go.

In this price range won’t find many refinishers going to this extent to cover even the inside of the piano.

All done with the exception of dusting prior to delivery.

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