Straube Baby Grand Project

Next up for me is a Straube baby grand made in 1929. I’ve seen very few of this brand piano over the years but one does pop up every once in awhile. Within the last year this has been the second one that I’ve done the first one was a full restoration. I’ve got pictures of it somewhere maybe I can dig them up at a later time.

This particular piano will only be refinished. It appears to have had been restrung some time in the not too distant past. It is a peculiar piano in that in its small size it has a special stringing scale which can be seen in the pictures as the bass bridge is split into two pieces and the angle in which the bass strings cross over the treble wire is very exaggerated.

The cabinet has a few issues… some veneer is missing, there is some checking, and some loose veneer. In a few spots the normal dents and dings are also present.

I will also address the original ivory keyboard. It has a few pieces of ivory missing and I will do some cleaning to brighten up the ivories.

Time to tear this piano down and get started.

Parts ready to go to the stripping vat.

Masking off to protect the paint on the plate, soundboard, and the strings.

All masked off and ready to begin paint removal.

Evidence that this piano has been refinished before. Veneer is very thin and in this spot it has been sanded thru to the substrate.

All spraying is finished. Now for hardware work.

All finished. I won’t put the legs on till I set up at delivery. So we load up and take off early for the Mountains to deliver. I’ll get more pictures then. The pictures above show the last things that go on piano at final assembly.

Piano has been delivered and set up. It looks great in the room.

Here are a few pictures showing the problem areas I addressed during the restoration. Look at some of the pictures above to see those problem areas.

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