Guild Square Grand

Here’s an old piano for you. A Guild square grand piano. This particular one is in pretty rough condition and I will have to make many parts for it. Following along and see an amazing process take place.

As you can see in the pictures above there are several repair priorities present. I will be making new molding, doing some structural repair to the cabinet, and veneering.

In these pictures above you can see that there are some structural issues with the bridges on this piano. I will take some steps to stabilize the bridges so that the piano will have better tuning stability.

Now right below you can see the work I’m doing to the soundboard.

Now back to addressing the issues with the case. I will be drilling holes down thru the case’s edge from top to bottom. I will then install bolts to pull the base back together since it has began to separate.

Now for a little leg work. Some of the legs are missing the ferrule because they are broken. They also have cracks rht have developed in the joints. I will address all of this.

Now for some molding work. This piano was missing almost all of its molding so I had to make molds then cast new pieces of molding to install. After that I colored the pieces to match the piano’s case color.

Both pieces of the lid were separated in several places. Those were glued back together. Now I am working down some loose veneer on the ends of both lids. Here is a picture of the small lid. I did the same procedure for the large lid.

Things are going smoothly on the lids. Still a ways to go with repairs however.

I’ve gotten the finish off of the music rack after gluing. Like the lid it will get some repairs where cracks developed.

I can’t make all of this out, maybe someone could throw out some suggestions. I took some pics twice adding the flash to maybe help. I saw an 1891, 1898 and maybe a 1916, also 1960 and 1961. Those would be tuning dates. The tech building the piano often leaves a signature as well so one of the earliest dates may be that.

Spent today making lots of repairs. I did however get some color on one of the pieces.

I think Ive finished the repairs for the most part. I should have color on everything tomorrow. That last picture shows a pencil tracing I had to do in order to get the correct shaping on the replacement pieces on the broken music rack.

These pictures show the color of the other pieces after several coats of sealer.

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