5′ 2″ Knabe Grand #42

Named Cyril by its previous owner’s family this Knabe has been cherished all of its life.  I picked this piano up in New York City a few months back.  After talking with the original owner and promising her I would find it a good home I have finally followed through on my promise.  The daughter of the original purchaser was named Cyril thus the family named his beloved piano the same name.  Cyril was a jazz musician in NYC in the 1920s and 1930s and used this piano as a practice instrument and to write music with.  I ended up with the piano because the previous owner was moving into a smaller place and could not take the piano with her.

This piano will end up in North Carolina and it is scheduled to be an integral piece of a celebration in early October 2013.  I am looking forward to making this piano look and sound like a knockout for this event!

Follow along as I completely dismantle this piano and reassemble it as a virtually new instrument in a matter of weeks.  I will post

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updates as I go through the restoration of this piano.  Below you will find some video of it being played as well as broken down.  If time permits I plan to record it being played again to show vast difference of pre/post restoration.


Update 9/4/2013

Today we removed the bass strings and hammer samples to send off for duplication.  Below you will find two short videos showing the process.

Update 9/12/13

Have the case stripped, soundboard scraped and now applying sealer.

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4 thoughts

    1. Hello Lyf, the brand is M.L. Campbell. I use the Magnalac Lacquer by them. I do have some customers that request other things for different reasons like comfort level with a certain brand etc. I have one customer that requests Nitrocellulose Lacquer which is the softest I use because it makes it easier to touchup any scratches the piano may get before it leaves their shop headed for the retail ccustomer. Thats actually not a bad idea if you know its likely going to get some nicks here and there. Magnalac is a pre catalyzed lacquer that is harder than nitrocellulose but softer than Magnamax which is the hardest lacquer by M.L. Campbell. I have used that but forget any touch up because the paint is too hard. This black you are referring to dries to resist finger prints in about 3-4 hours and can be hauled safely in 3-4 days. Id still prefer to let sit longer if it’s hot out or else you will get blanket prints. Hope that answers your question. Let me know if I can help with anything else, Robert.

    1. Hi Valerie: I will get some more breakdown going this week. You will see the strings come off and maybe plate come out. This piano will not look so much like a piano in a few days, lol! I thought I would also mention (although you may have seen it) there is another Knabe I’m finishing right now I figured you may check it out to see the vast difference between beginning and end on that particular piano. Your piano will be no different as far as transformation goes.

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