5′ 2″ Knabe Grand #40

I picked this piano up in Richmond, Va. It is a 5’2″ Knabe made in the early 1940s. The new owner has chosen to do a mildly extensive restoration. It will receive new hammer and damper felts, new bass and treble wire along with the associated nickle tuning pins, felt, etc. I will also regulate the action and install new keytops and keybushings. The piano will be finished off with a custom color which I will call Espresso.

There is a very interesting story behind this piano.  It was purchased by its previous owners father (Mr. Johnson)  in the early 1940s before he went in to serve in the Army.   He was an avid Jazz pianist.  While serving in Europe he missed playing his piano very much, so much so that General MacArthur got wind of it and allowed him to play at a function for military officials while still in Europe.  When returning home he continued on with his love of Jazz piano on this Knabe until his passing a few years ago.

I acquired the piano from Mr. Johnson’s son and promised him I would find it a good home where it would be loved as much as his father loved it.  I believe I am half way there with the new owners and all that is left is that I give this piano a proper restoration and that it will get.

—–UPDATE—– 7/10/2013

This piano has new pictures to display.

—–UPDATE—– 8/23/2013

Action work is well underway as we have fitted new hammers and are now gluing those on.  I am finishing the parts and sometime next week the final tuning will get done and the final assembly will take place.

Update 9/3/2013

Today we tuned the Knabe.  We are truly seeing this piano come to life now.  Keep an eye out on this one you will see it played in a few days.

Update 9/5/2013

This piano has just been finished with the last screw turned and the last note tuned just minutes earlier.  See how it sounds!


Update 9/7/2013

Piano delivered and well received.  It looks absolutely stunning in this home.  I never thought that the Espresso color would  display like it does.  Not in standoffish way but in such a warm, subtle charming way.


5 thoughts

  1. thank you for your informative website. Debra ( pianist) and I own an early 1900’s ” Baltimore” 5’11”
    Knabe -cannot find the serial number, so not sure on date of production. We will take a good look at your website and probably make contact with you. Richard and Debra Black.

      1. Hello Robert: Thank you very much for your reply to me. As this Friday day progresses I will be back in contact with you. Richard Black

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