This piano was picked up in Cleveland, Ohio. It appears that some work has been done to this piano before but the action and strings,are original. This piano is a great candidate for restoration and I believe its new owner is going to love how this piano turns out.

Its restoration will include new bass and treble wire, damper felts, keytops, keybusings, action regulation, plate regilding, soundboard restoration, and obviously a new closed pore semigloss ebony finish.

The Steinert piano company has an interesting history and the company is still around today as a retailer. They actually started out as retailers but got into piano building for a time and then returned to retailing only. You can see a detailing of this company’s history here

There is much more to come with this piano so please check back and follow along with the restoration.

Heres some pictures!


It’s finished and delivered! We got a chance to take some pics of the beautiful finalized Steinert, so here! Enjoy!

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